All about Sputnik Jewelry

Step into the Supernatural World of Sputnik Jewelry. In this organic empire balancing between fact and fiction, all creatures, small and even smaller, live and love in perfect harmony. Well… most of the time.

The architect of this magical world is designer and artist Rado Konecnik. By mixing and matching existing and imaginary natural elements, he creates his own organic cosmos. In this universe, unicellular organisms have evolved into complex, multicellular life forms… and into fine art and jewelry.

Modern classics starring precious gemstones 

This evolutionary offspring developed into Darwinian inspired paintings and drawings and exclusive jewelry. Sputnik Jewelry with a leading role for precious gemstones, set in Vermeil or sterling silver earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

All Sputnik Jewelry is designed in Holland and made in the lapidary capital of the world: Jaipur. In this so-called Pink City of India, the greatest artisans have the privilege to work with the most gorgeous gemstones from all over the world. Here, Rado works closely together with these finest craftsmen, using the supreme stones of Jaipur to bring the Supernatural World of Sputnik to life.